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25th Johor International Jamboree Hutan Bandar Putra Kulaijaya, Johor
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Johor Scouts Coroboree & Pre-Johor International Jamboree 2013

In conjunction with the JIJ2013, the Johor Scouts Cub Section will organize the Johor Scouts Coroboree 2013 together with the Pre-25th Johor International Jamboree 2013. Please Give Support to this Facebook Fan Page by Hitting the "Like" Button & "Share" the Page. Let show some support to the Cub Scouts Section Guys! :)
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Introducing Jamboree Cafe


Siapa yang berminat untuk menempah makanan yang murah bagi kegunaan kontinjen sewaktu JIJ2013 ini, bolehlah menghubungi JIJ2013 di Inbox atau kepada hello@johorjamboree.com

Salam & Good Afternoon to everyone.
Good News Everyone! For those who wish to visit Legoland Malaysia during the JIJ, under JIJ2013 Sponsorship Program, your ticket price rate is only RM60.00, i repeat.. only RM60 out of original price of RM120 (inclusive of transportation and 1 x meal). Its a 50% discount to all JIJ2013's participants (scouts & adults).

So, Lets Play Our Part together guys! The visit will start on the 18th/19th & 20th of November 2013. Those interested, please PM our inbox because the discount quota is limited only to 1,000 first participants. Book Now through the JIJ2013 Secretariat!


LAWATAN KE LEGOLAND MALAYSIA (www.legoland.com.my)
(Harga JIJ2013 adalah pada RM 60.00 / seorang berbanding RM120.00)

Pakej adalah meliputi:-

1. Lawatan sekitar 4 jam ++ ke Legoland Malaysia, Nusajaya, Johor
2. Pengangkutan ke Legoland Malaysia.
3. 1 x Makanan sewaktu di Legoland.



Pakej adalah meliputi:-

1. Lawatan sehari ke Universal Studios, Singapore.
2. Pengangkutan ke Universal Studios.

25th Johor International Jamboree
& Silver Jubilee Celebration.
Why you should participate?
A Malaysia International Scout Jamboree at the Southernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia and thus the most southern point of mainland Eurasia.
A Malaysia Scout Jamboree that adapted from the core activities of World Jamboree.
    A Tourism Jamboree conceptual of Malaysia Scout Jamboree.
      The Malaysia most exciting Jamboree!
      16th - 21st November 2013
      Hutan Bandar Kulai, Johor, Malaysia
      Who should participate?
      Participants (Scouts) : (12–17 years old)
      International Service Team : (18 years old and above) Rovers& Scout Leaders

      How much for the fees?
      Malaysia scouts : RM 80.00
      International scouts : USD 150.00
      How to register?
      Step 1 :
      Download application form here.
      Step 2 :
      Complete the form and email it to hello@johorjamboree.com. 
      Step 3 :
      The Secretariat of JIJ2013 will contact you to confirm the participation and proceed for the payment.
      Step 4 :
      The Secretariat of JIJ2013 will issue the official receipt.
      Step 5 :
      Mark your calender, be prepare and enjoy the Jamboree! ;)
      Kindly download the Jamboree Information for further info.
      For Malaysia Scouts click here.
      For International Scouts click here.
      Contact our Secretariat for more info.
      Mr. Harish Mustak
      +6017 7114 250
      (Head, International Relationships)

      Mr. Mohd Hafiz Ariffin
      +6012 7444 724 (Jamboree Director)

      Mr. Mohd Azlan Ab. Jalil
      +6019 7773 319 (Jamboree Co-ordinator)

      Have questions? Kindly submit the form below.